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Room Air Purifiers with Activated Carbon FiltersHome and Room Air Purifiers with Activated Carbon Filters

The Air Purifiers with Activated carbon filters are an significant addition to the air purification systems. These Activated Carbon Filters are used alone or in conjunction with other filters like ESP based HEPA, ESP and ionisers to significantly reduce the amount of pollution in your home or office. Whether you choose a basic model MATE SPLENDID OR advanced model MATE SPLENDID PREMIUM, it can be easier to breathe by using an activated carbon filter.


To remove gases, chemicals, cigarette smoke, and other odors from the air most effective way is to use Activated carbon filters in the Air Purifiers.  The airborne chemicals and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for those of respiratory conditions these carbon filters are most useful to the person those having or respiratory condition that makes one sensitive.

Our high-quality air purifiers MATE Splendid premium and splendid  contain both ESP based HEPA and activated carbon filters. These Air purifiers are  treated with different chemicals and thereby targeting specific chemicals like ammonia gases and VOCs. The beyonddCompare MATE air purifiers are designed in such a way so that it can not only remove the general pollutants but they are specifically designed to be very effective at removing the target pollutants.

The people, who are selecting Air Purifiers for home and especially because of the allergies or asthma, are found that these air purifiers are useful for removing  odours and chemicals which were contributing to respiratory problems . The activated carbon air purifiers are playing a  very important role for removal of these pollutants to reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergy and other respiratory problems by reducing indoor air pollution. Thus beyonddCompare MATE Air Purifiers offer quality room air purifier systems and offers a comprehensive solution to these issues.

“Activated Meaning?”activated carbon filters for air purifiers

Everyone who is looking for Air Purifiers must be thinking of that why this activated carbon is called “activated” Activated carbon is described as amorphous carbon-based materials that exhibit a high degree of porosity and an extended surface area. The surface area makes the activated carbon and excellent adsorbent characteristics that make it very useful for a wide variety of filtration processes, including air.

Removal of pollutants by Activated Carbon Filters:

activated carbon filters for VOC and chemicals removalThe pollutants like VOCs (volatile organic compounds), fumes from cooking, smog, ozone, pet dander, and tobacco can cause irritation for allergies patients and asthmatic patients. The main irritants for many households are the  Particulates, such as pollens or pet dander.. For those who need a comprehensive air purifier solution. Our higher calibre room air purifier beyonddCompare MATE Splendid and other MATE Mobile and MATE MINI Air Purifiers are offering exceptional to remove particle, odor and chemicals removal and are ideal for these pollutants removal.

History and Use in Purification Processes

Years ago, human beings used activated carbon to remove impurities from water. That time also its its exceptional absorption qualities were known.

It was used to purify water and to remove the color from sugar.

As World War I progressed, it was discovered that activated carbon could be used in gas masks to protect soldiers, in addition to cleaning wartime water and in the manufacturing of air purifiers.

beyonddCompare MATE Air Purifiers with Carbon Filters.

The beyonddCompare MATE Air Purifiers used as  home air purifiers are particularly helpful to people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), because they absorb formaldehyde, a compound found in carpet, wood panelling, and furniture upholstery. The household cleaning Perfumes and chemicals are also removed from these air purifiers, making the environment much more breathable for all people living indoor most of the time  especially elderly, asthma and allergy sufferers, babies and children. beyonddCompare is the manufacturer and distributor of Air purification systems for varied applications. We help you to choose perfect air Purifiers for your conditions, contact us for free consultations.

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