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Pre-Filters: Air purifier Technology

Pre-Filters: Air purifier TechnologyDid you know that indoor air is full of particles and in fact, most of the mass in the particles is in the larger particles, like dust and hair?

Indoor air is full of particles, most of them large particles like dust. By Use of a pre-filter in air purifier these large particles are removed and also improves the efficiency of the other main filters of air purifier.

Air Purifier Technology: The Importance of Using Pre-Filters

The important component of beyonddCompare MATE air purifiers is Pre Filters. Per filters are the most cost-effective and low-priced filters. There are several advantages of MATE Pre Filters.

The air contains pollutants and its majority of the larger particles (dust, pet dander, etc) are captured by an air purifier, and the pre filters plays and important role in the an air purifier technology called a pre-filter, in absence of this the high-efficiency, more expensive ESP based HEPA filters will clog up with big particles too quickly. The ESP based HEPA filters are designed to have a large number of pleats which gives them lots of surface area, and they can be clogged  more quickly if the larger particles are not pre-filtered out. In a typical home, with kids, dogs or cats, and a lifestyle, an air purifier has to deal with a lot of larger particles like dust, hair, mold, pet dander etc.

It is not only the Pets dander but human hair and skin cells are caught in the pre-filter & main air purifier. The pre filters can be loaded up with humans and pets, hair and fur. These is the reason that these filters can be easily replaced and cleaned time to time as per prescribed schedule. The aim of using these pre filters in the beyonddCompare MATE air purifier is to keep the air purifier optimally pulling in the more toxic pollutants in the home or office. In both locations air purifiers with pre-filter technology can really help.

An air purifier is key to running a healthy home, so you might as well use it most efficiently and effectively by changing the pre-filter as prescribed by the manufacturer. It is a very good idea to put the date that you should check the pre-filter either on your calendar or on a piece of paper taped to the air purifier.

The Pre filter collects hair and large dust particles present in air as pollutant. In air purifiers pre filters are intricate in the first layer of  filtration system of air. The air on passing through these pre filters.  Pre filters hold the large hair and large dust particles and mold. The air coming out from the pre filter is the output air is then passed to second layer of filters of air purifiers it is either ESP based HEPA or carbon filters or both depending upon the quality of air needed and the area and pollution percentage.

The next ESP based HEPA filters are meant to capture small particles like 0.25 micrometer to 0.3 micrometer. By using  pre filter the burden of large particles is  reduced on the ESP based HEPA filter or carbon filter. Thus these Pre filters improve the lifetime or longevity of ESP based HEPA filter and other filters.

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