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‘Assured Quality, Committed Service’

assured quality and committed service of Air Purifier devices

India is a country, which presents an unique combination of Heat, Dust and Humidity at any given point. The combined presence of these three factors provides an excellent nurturing medium for growth of micro organisms like bacterial colony forming units, fungus, yeast, molds etc. in the air, which make the air unhealthy to breathe, and, in a hospital environment, could cause Nosocomial infections.

While there are systems available to clean the air, and, prevent the possibility of Nosocomial Infection, they are either expensive or inadequate since they are not been designed to function to suit Indian atmospheric conditions.

Started in the year 2005 by Mr.Vishwanath Pai, a technocrat with more than 25 years experience in the medical field, beyonddCompare, has worked on this factor and has generated MATE Series of Real Time Medical Air Purification System to meet the domestic, industrial and medical pure air requirements, which, we believe, will provide you with healthy air which will be free of dust, microbe, mold, fungus and also oxygen enriched.

Widest range of Air Purifiers indoor and medical applicationsMATE series of Real Time medical air purification system utilize a series of mechanical and electronic filters to flush the ambient air and continuously clean it during the period of its functioning.

HEPA.AIR.FILTER.for air purifierPre Filter, Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) Filter, UV Filter, Carbon Filter, 0.3 micron HEPA Filter and Ioniser are used to wash the air in a close environment of air bourne micro organisms like Bacterial cfu, Molds, Yeast, Bacillus spp, Shigella spp., Salmonella, Pseudonomas, Coliform on a Real Time basis.

MATE air purification systems are simple ‘Plug and Operate’ easy to use units.

MATE air purification systems bring to you a track record of proven performance backed up by efficient and committed after sales service.

When you invest in a MATE you are assured that: ‘Your investment of TRUST in us will be returned with Compound Interest

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