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Electrostatic Air Filters

Air Purifiers with ESP Filters are Highly Efficient Air Purifiers

electrostatic precipitator work in an air purifierElectrostatic precipitators (ESP) filters are recognized as most efficient filters of Air Purifiers. The Air Purifiers which are having ESP filters  use less electricity by focusing their energy on only the small particles that are suspended in the air. This allows these ESP filters to clean the air in a better way then other filters.

What is ESP filters technology and how does electrostatic precipitator work in an air purifier?


Electrostatic precipitators pull in the air into the Air purifier. It works on two step procedure.

1. The air which is polluted passes through an ionizing mechanism and the particles get a charged and

2. the charged particles pass through to the next section of the air purifier, which holds plates that have the charge opposite to the charge just given to the particles. the particles are positively charged, then the  plates will be negatively charged).

These particles then stick to these plates and are the clean air comes out from the air purifier. These plates must be cleaned periodically or will cease to capture the particles which is done by the beyonddCompare services provided by professional service engineers time to time.

Electrostatic air Purifiers are attached with these ESP filters and are highly proficient filtration devices for air filtration technology as the use electrostatic attraction to remove fine particulate matter such as dust and cigarette smoke from the air.

These Electrostatic air filters of Air Purifiers ionize (or electrically charge) particles of the  incoming air which is drawn over an electronic cell. These  charged particles are then attracted to and spellbound by a series of flat collector plates that are oppositely charged, with the particles sticking to the collection plates of ESP and they will be removed  manually by our service engineers.

The efficiency of air purifiers using this technology exclusively to clean the air depends greatly on factors such as the size of the collection plates, how much power is being produced in the electric field, the airflow rate through the machine, and most importantly, the owner’s willingness to clean the collection plates frequently.

MATE Air Purifiers with combination of other filters technology for more efficiency

electrostatic precipitator work in an air purifierSome air purifier manufacturers have combined the highly effective air cleaning elements of electrostatic technology with other proven air cleaning technologies such as ESP based HEPA filtration to produce air purification systems that can achieve better results than either technology alone. is not only incredibly quiet and simple to maintain, but effectively removes airborne particles down to 0.1 microns with a guaranteed minimum effectiveness of 99.97%.

beyonddCompare MATE air purifiers

Most effective of all, this amazing level of filtration is achieved with beyonddCompare MATE air purifiers uses the ESP filters with the combination of HEPA Filters, Carbon Filters, UV and Ionizers depend upon the environmental conditions and area of the room.

We at BeyonddCompare also carry other types of air filtration systems. So no matter what environment you are need an air cleaning solution for, we can help. Please contact beyonddCompare, with any questions you may have on electrostatic precipitators ESP or other filters along with the choice of Air Purifiers.  Send us a note or give us a call.


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