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beyonddCompare MATE Medical Air Purifier

A perfect key for hospitals and other health amenities

Air Purifier hospitals and other health amenitiesThe intricate hospital atmosphere necessitate unusual attentiveness to ensure a healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to guard patients and healthcare workers together with hospital-acquired (Nonsocial) infections and work-related ailments. beyonddCompare MATE medical air purifier is perfect key for hospitals and other health amenities that are constantly open to potentially hazardous air particles. Medical services are under steady attack from Dust Mites, Germs like Bacteria, Virus, Molds etc. and odour problem whether they come from coughing patients, soiled linens, infected counter tops or other resources.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the air quality inside and in the region of buildings and structures, as it connected to the health and comfort of inhabitants of the building. By Being perceptive towards the common pollutants indoors and controlling them can help decrease your risk of indoor health apprehension. The indoor air pollutants Health effects from may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later of its exposure.

beyonddCompare MATE medical air purifier finds far-reaching usage in quite a lot of areas of health care that includes, Operation theaters, OPDs, Maternity wards, ICUs, Children wards, Nursery etc. Using high-tech, sophisticated technology, to get rid of approximately all air impurities and odour problem.

Air Filtration in healthcare facilities

The air filtration is more important in healthcare facilities. The level of airborne communicable contaminants amplify in proportion with the increased population of infected individuals. Concern is not limited to hospitals. Nursing homes and dental offices or clinics also need efficient filtration. The flexible air filtration systems is the high priority now as days for operating theater.

For almost 10 years, beyonddCompare MATE air purifier has been designing and manufacturing air purification solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities in all major Indian regions. Airborne troubles of healthcare institutions protection is done by Air Purifiers. The protection of hospital and health care employees is also a major concern now a days and the clinical staffs are subject to increased exposure to infected individuals.

MATE Air Purification system, which has been installed at a large number of hospitals and incorporated in advanced solutions using the latest technology for the new challenges in surgery.

In addition to complying with all relevant standards, MATE Air Purification system provide solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities and  are designed and proved a to be a profitable investment which is helping to remove contaminants and germs of nosocomial infections.

The beyonddCompare MATE air Purifications systems are designed to meet the future needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities. MATE Air Purification system are recognized for their low energy-design, thanks to the use of high efficiency fans, energy-efficient filtration and reduced need for fresh air supply through effective filtration of re-circulated air.

Reduced Installation Costs

Other key features include reduced installation costs since MATE Air Purification system selects the optimum system meeting actual needs and allowing easy maintenance and long service life.

MATE Air Purification system can guarantee the performance of filtration systems

beyonddCompare MATE air purifier Purification system can guarantee the performance of filtration systems and offers customers a complete package including service, technical support for customers, on-site installation and control according to hospital standards, and filter maintenance and change-outs.

Medical Sector Air Purification System

We have model & solutions for the Medical Sector depending on the specific area requirement and the nature of problem being faced at your end. Some of our solutions can help remove ammonia or urine odours, or inhibit mold growth. beyonddCompare MATE air purifier can do the job and improve living conditions for those with even the most sensitive immune systems.

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