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ESP based HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance ) filters: Air Purifier Technology

HEPA.AIR.FILTER.for air purifierWhat is a ESP based HEPA air purifier?

A type of air filter that are high-efficiency particulate absorber initially called as  High efficiency particulate air (HEPA), but these ESP based HEPA filters are also sometimes called high-efficiency particulate arresting or high-efficiency particulate arrestance. The Air Purifiers with ESP based HEPA Filters are having many applications including the use in medical facilities, aircraft, automobiles and homes. The filter must satisfy certain standards of efficiency.

An air purifier with ESP based HEPA filter is removing 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 µm  from the air that passes through the Air Purifier.

ESP based HEPA Air Purifiers used for Allergy and Asthma

ESP based HEPA air purifiers are the most important and useful Air Purifiers and are pinnacle of the line of other filters which are used for allergy and asthma patients by doctors to lighten the stark symptoms of allergy and asthma conditions. Imagine a filter that only allows very tiny particles to pass through. A single sheet of this ESP based HEPA filter material if placed in front of a fan,  very little air would be able to pass because of the small size of the holes but a fine and purified air will come out from this. The Air Purifiers using ESP based HEPA filtration used to clean the indoors in spaces like medical clean rooms.

High performance of ESP based HEPA air purifiers, this filter will need to be changed

HEPA air purifier filter need to be changed.The high performance of ESP based HEPA air purifiers, this filter will need to be changed often, as the small holes quickly catch small size particles. If an Air Purifier is doubled the size of the ESP based HEPA filter sheet it would allow twice the airflow and doubled the filter life also. To increase airflow surface area the ESP based HEPA Filters can be used as folding the sheet back and forth in a zig-zag shape; this design make these ESP based HEPA air purifiers as more resourceful and practical. The ESP based HEPA Filter material is characteristically created  as fiber, paper-like, or polymer.

How ESP based HEPA filters works for small particles:

The ESP based HEPA filter material is looks like a very thin sheet of fibers. The air has to find a route through this intricacy of fibers, and these are trapping particulates on them. The ESP based HEPA air purifiers stop mold spores, as well as many bacteria, viruses, and dust.

beyonddCompare MATE Air Purifiers are the most effective performing ESP based HEPA air purifiers,  They are able to remove at least 98% of particles (0.3 microns and larger). However, pure ESP based HEPA air purifiers do not remove odors, chemicals, or gases, unless combating them so the MATE Air Purifiers are specifically designed with add-on technologies of other types of Filters like Carbon Filters. These are molecular level substances, and the holes of the ESP based HEPA material are large compared to the gas molecules, allowing them to pass through. Advanced ESP based HEPA air purifiers are engineered to target odors by using activated carbon to absorb odors and chemicals as the air passes through the air purifier.

The Activated carbon Filters used at levels will vary depending upon the unit and the model and its applications. The significant amount of activated carbon along with ESP based HEPA filters in  air purifier, allows it to effectively capture chemicals, gases, and odors. The carbon absorbs gases that will not be caught by the ESP based HEPA air purifier alone.

beyonddCompare MATE Air Purifiers is the brand that uses activated carbon in combination with ESP based HEPA filtration to provide light odor coverage. MATE Air Purifiers also offers heavy duty filters to remove odors, smoke, chemicals, and gases.

MATE Air Purifiers uses an superior approach to ESP based HEPA filtration that makes their air purifiers especially proficient. These air purifiers employ electrostatic in the airflow and this additional technology charges the pollution particles, causing them to stick to the filter media.

beyonddCompare MATE Air Purifiers are high quality machines designed to remove chemicals, odors, and airborne particles. Each air purifier has  carbon filters and can capture more than 60% of its own weight in bacteria, gases, odors, and chemicals. They are manufactured in India and are made of steel to prevent harmful off-gassing that plastic air purifiers can have.

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