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If your aspiration is to have a unpolluted and  hygienic environment for you and your family at your Home, beyonddCompare Mate Air Purifiers has the solution for you.

Also if you are constantly struggling with the hassle of smoke from kitchen, pets dander, or cigarette Smoke, dust & dust mites, and created allergies due to air borne virus & bacteria.

Or any other unnecessary issues of smell or toxic gases like VOCs anywhere in your home, or you wish to have a clean germ-free environment for you and your family:

beyonddCompare Mate Air Purifiers has the solution for you. Most effective Air Purifier in India for Home, Buy ESP based HEPA Air Purifier , We are manufacturer & Distributors, contact us

 Our Air Purifiers are effective at :

  • Indoor air pollutants removal by air purifierCapturing dust and PM2.5 particle up to 99.97%
  • Destroying  mold, bacteria and viruses
  • eradicate cigarette and other smoke problems
  • It can even stops mold growth and prevents future mold spores from developing
  • It significantly removes almost all kinds of allergens, odours, bacteria and viruses, airborne chemicals and solvents, germs and dust from indoor air and make it clean & pure to breathe

Home air purifier from Mate uses revolutionary green technologies to eradicate practically all air impurities and odour issues.

Our reasonably priced Air Purification system works by generating charged negative ions that are dispersed through your room to help Dust, allergen and odor burdened airborne particulate matter to join together through a process.

Once the process is complete harmful molecules become weighty and are sucked by the MATE AIR PURIFIER which uses a manifold layer  Air filtration system, such as Pre-Filter, Electrostatic Precipitator Filter (ESP), Activated Carbon Filter, ESP based HEPA filter, UV Germicidal irradiation, and Ionizer.

beyonddCompare Mate Home Air Purifiers vigorously seek out pollutants and neutralize them.

We have multiple models for the different applications depending on the specific area requirement and the nature of problem being faced at your end.

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