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Industrial Companies require good air purifying equipment

Industrial Companies require good air purifying equipment to deal with chemical fumes, volatile solvents, sprayed substances and powders that may contain known carcinogens, as well as unpleasant odours.

beyonddCompare MATE Air Purifiers is proud to carry Splendid Premium industrial air purification equipment capable of handling virtually any air quality problem that your company’s closed managers cabins may be experiencing. Splendid Premium offers the broadest, most air cleaning in the industry, including welding fume extractors, smoke eaters. Featuring HEPA and electrostatic particle filtration and industrial carbon filters of activated carbon, Our products offer unsurpassed particle, chemical and odour control. Splendid Premium only the specialized air purifier available for industrial applications.

Some of the industrial companies who can use Splendid Premium in your office rooms at manufacturing factory that may benefit from air purification units include:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Wood Shops

  • Machine Shops

  • Welding and Soldering Facilities

  • Auto Repair and Body Shops

  • Dry Cleaning Facilities

  • Plastic, Rubber and Adhesive Manufacturers

  • Extruding and Injection Moulding Plants

  • Paint Spraying Facilities

  • Construction Sites

  • Laser Engraving Locations

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturers

  • Chemical Industries.

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