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Air Purifiers Filter technology

A medical air purification system dedicated to augment the efforts of the Clinician who strive day in and day out to bring that Smile on a depressed Face and give that Ray of hope to the Dejected hearts.

Know about Air Purifier Technology

The Air Purifier features which make it a best performing air purifiers is because of the use of more than one filter technology, and by using HEPA filtration in air purifiers is the key filter for getting optimal results. Filtration performance is not perfect without the use of HEPA air purifiers, and symptoms of particle pollution, like allergies and asthma, are not reduced.

The unsuspected Predator

‘AIR’, that highly neglected factor, plays an important role in generating infectious conditions in important hospital areas like the Operation Theatre, Intensive Care Units, etc. which are supposed to be sterile and free of Microbes, Fungus, Dust, etc.

How much do you care for your life?

Scientific Studies indicate that Nosocomial infections pose a serious threat and doctors and hospital staff need to be protected from ‘Hospital Induced Infection’.

Pre filter filters particulates in air like dust, microbes etc. upto 5 micron in size.

Electro Static Precipitator ( ESP ) is a filtration device that uses static electricity to remove particles like dust, soot, microbes in the impure air. The ESP also precipitates CO2, NO2, SO2, etc. and releases O2 into the room.

UV Germicidal irradiation is extremely effective in incinerating micro organisms like bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds, etc. The UV radiation destructs the Nucleic Acid and bursts the DNA of the microbes thereby sterilising the air.

Activated Carbon Filter absorbs humidity, fumes, odors, etc from the air. It prevents the scope of breeding fungus and molds, thus protecting your expensive instruments and equipment’s from the damaging fungus and molds.

HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance ) filters are highly effective in the prevention of the spread of airborne bacteria and viral micro organisms. HEPA filter is the ultimate mechanical filter used in infection control.

When air passes through HEPA filter, particulates of sizes up to 0.3 microns are removed.

The frequency of Nosocomial infections at British Hospitals in the UK promoted the National Health Services ( NHS ) to research the effectiveness of anions ( Negative ions ) for air purification.

Their research indicated that repeated airborne acinobacter infections in a ward were eliminated by the installation of a negative air ionizer – the infection rate fell to ZERO.

The Ioniser in MATE Real Time medical purification system discharges negative ions into the room where they get attracted to dust, pollen, spores, smoke, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds ( VOC ), etc. to form larger particles making them too heavy to stay airborne, and in due course, removing it from the air and preventing it from causing Respiratory problems and other health issues.

Made in India, Made for India.

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