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Air Purifiers for Medical & Hospital

Our Medical Air Purifiers are designed for Consulting Rooms, Hospitals, various healthcare situation, labs and procedural areas.


Air wash volume in cubic feet

Dimension L X B X H inches

Weight Kgs

Operating Voltage

Electric Consumption

dBA rating

Air Flow

Effective Area of Air Wash

Air Volume Treated


up to

17 X 16 X 5.5


230 Vac, 50 Hz

40 Watt/Hr

50 dB*

250 Cubic Feet per minute

350 Square Feet

3500 Cubic Feet

medical air purification system collects the contaminated ambient air and washes it through a series of Filters, an Electro Static Precipitator(ESP) and the Ioniser to provide 99.97% Odourless, Dust Free and Microbe Free Sterile Medical Air, thereby, appreciably reducing the CFU count in the closed environment.

medical air purification system augments your efforts in providing excellent patient care and also ensures:

  1. Your co staff and you are protected against cross infection by maintaining low microbial levels throughout your presence in the closed O.T.
  2. Reduced effect of Irritating Gases
  3. Reduced Carbon (COx), Sulphur (SOx) and Nitrogen levels
  4. Reduced effect of Odour
  5. Enhanced Oxygen content in ambient air.
  6. Your precious Equipments / Apparatus are protected from Fungus and Dust

Generally, medical facilities will need more than one level of cleanliness.  There should be a central air filtration system that removes relatively large particulates like dust, dander, pollen, mold, viruses, fungus and fibers using a combination of Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP), HEPA and UV Germicidal irradiation

The central system in the building’s HVAC is generally enough to clean public areas to an acceptable level of healthy indoor air quality.  Air filtration units may be used to destroy harmful contaminants released during certain procedures, from isolated highly infectious patients, or from dental laboratory grinding and polishing.

Our  Mate Splendid and Premium Splendid Air  purifiers is used to eliminate pollutant such as VOCs, CACs or micro-organisms that may not be harmful in a public environment yet must be removed from clean areas containing sensitive procedures or patients such as IVF labs.

Medical & dental Air Purifier Applications

The Mate Splendid Premium Medical ESP based HEPA Air Purifier most effective for  Microbiological control in:

  • Hospitals
  • Consulting Rooms
  • Clean production areas
  • Clean research areas
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Operation theaters
  • Computer and data storage areas
  • General air cleansing
  • Odour sensitive area

The Air purification and filtration for medical and Hospital applications must handle a large array of contaminants and is frequently critical to effectively clean the air to a level far beyond human perception.

Medical Air Purifiers | Buy Hospital Consulting Rooms Air Purifiers

Medical & Dental Air Purifiers

People with undermined immune systems, environmental sensitivities, HIV AIDS, patients with chronic respiratory conditions, as well as clinics, labs, hospitals and nursing homes that need to control airborne pathogens, chemicals, gases, mold pollen, dust and doors need to install air purifiers indoor to make the environment of the room clean from these air borne pathogens and other pollutants indoor.

Medical Air Purifiers | Buy Hospital Consulting Rooms Air Purifiers

The Mate Splendid Premium Medical Air Purifier Is The Only Air Cleaner Of Its Kind That Is Specifically Designed To Control VOC’s, Microbiological Contaminants and Odours Specific to Medical and Dental Offices And Facilities.”

The Mate Splendid Premium Medical ESP based HEPA Air Purifier is the Most Effective In Its Class When It Comes to Clean room Processing And Contamination Control.

Medical Air Purifiers | Buy Hospital Consulting Rooms Air Purifiers

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