Impact on Pharmaceutical & Chemical pollution” (NORDEA Investment Management, the $240bn asset manager’s report says): Generation of airborne waste  from the manufacturing process higher air pollution near such Industries.

According to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) report, pharmaceutical & Chemical facilities need to be concerned with airborne particles and their effect on the health of the Managers  of the facility at workplace inside the closed cabins.

  1. Clean Air Indoors: (Managers spend major part of their life working inside closed office and are more affected by pollutants as compare to outside)
  2. The air purifier make air clean by completely eliminating harmful air particles and bacteria. One of the best benefits would be enjoying clean air in office.Improve Performance: If you run a Chemical Or Pharma Company that has an office setting inside the industry premises or near warehouse. The chances are offices are usually closed and fresh air and sunlight rarely enters indoors resulting more pollutants indoors.The cleaning of air is most important for better health.

    When air purifiers are used, these harmful toxins of air particles and bacteria are reduced 99.5%, This will improve the performance of managers, but it also help the spread of office illnesses.

  3. Better Health: As the air quality improves when you install air purifiers, it immediately lessens the load on your lungs (from pollutants) as they need to work less, quality air causes purer and better oxygen going to your blood, thus hiking your immunity.When the air becomes cleaner, there are fewer or no pollutants to affect your hair tend to be healthier. You will also notice the health of your skin improves.
  4.  Odour Reduction: If you want to freshen and clean the air from bad odours of chemicals and pharma antibiotics at the same time, then invest in a quality air purifier. It can be used for a much longer period of time, and will actually clean the air instead of just covering up odours in the office. If you have smokers in the family air purifiers will ensure that the other members don’t suffers from second hand smoke.Although installing air purifiers in your company might be expensive, the benefits outweighs the expenses and can considerably be a great asset you can include in the overall operations of your business.
  5.  Asthma Or Allergies: Basically air purifiers are appliances that aid in removing pollutants from air. They are very helpful devices for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

    Unfortunately, living in Indian cities affords us no control over the air we breathe in. The smartest solution is to invest in air Purifier and regular exercise, even if only in small amounts, helps keep us healthy.