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Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers with UV Filters

The beyonddCompare MATE series Air Purifiers are attached with UV light for generating electromagnetic radiations. These UV  radiations will eliminate microbes as well as many other pathogens and microorganisms  by cracking the molecular bonds in their DNA so that their main life part. The air purifiers UV filters, will kill harmful particles once they pass through it without any real filtration.

UV Light Air Purifier

A UV light air purifier can work effectively to kill many types of harmful microbes such as viruses, moulds,  bacteria and yeasts which are usually present in the air at your home.

Combination of Air Filters with UV Filters

However these UV filters are not useful for allergens, dust or solids in the indoor air and can be used in combination with other filters like carbon filters, ESP, HEPA and Pre filters. An air purifier with UV light can be very helpful to people who often get unwell with weak immune systems because it will help you prevent diseases and illness as per reduction in the viruses and microbes in the room air.

Additionally, these Air Purifiers with the UV filters also used in the places where sterile environment is essential such as hospitals, kitchens, day-care centres and IVF laboratories. in case of residential use it is useful for mould control to get a hygienic environment in home and residential area.

However, beyonddCompare MATE series Air Purifiers Splendid, Splendid Premium and Serene are the Air Purifier Systems developed in such a way to get the most effective performance of the pollution control and to get a 99 % pure air when used it is used in combination with other types of air purifiers. In this way, beyonddCompare MATE series Air Purifiers with 6 filters technology can work even more effectively together so as to remove a much wider spectrum of dangerous contaminants in the indoor air. They are VOCs, Cigarette Smoke, chemical fumes, Odours, allergens which cannot be removed from a UV filter alone but a combination of filters.

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