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Wide Range of Air Purifiers from beyonddCompare

Breathe Easy With Top Rated BeyonddCompare Air Purifying Systems


A study of indoor home, office or hospital air, found 2 to 10 times higher allergens and dust pollutants (PM2.5 & PM10) in indoor air than outdoor air.

The worth of life will encounter a dilution if you do not battle air pollution. Combating air pollution isn’t simple but air purifiers can be a good initiative to fight with. We are manufacturer, supplier of Indoor Air Purifier | Air Purifier in India | Medical air purifier, ESP based HEPA air filter for most effective air purification.

As we all  know the external pollution enters indoor and pollutes our houses. Air Purifier systems are the most effective options as a remedy for same.

Our light, portable  MATE Mini and MATE Mobile five stage air purifiers can be moved and placed as per your convenience.

In addition to the filters, the ioniser generates negative ions which purifies the air to an efficiency of 99.9%, and  gives you the benefits of inhaling pure air.

Our Best Selling ESP based HEPA Air Purifiers



Why buy MATE Air Purifiers?

Our MATE air purifier product range uses ESP besides the innovative ‘HEPA Air Purification’ and ‘ionizer  technologies to make ambient air pollutant free. For easiness, we have designed room air purifier devices in models that are portable, wall mounted or can be placed on a table.

With our air purification technology, we offer the most effective air purifiers in India to make your home, office and clinics a healthy place. Our range of room air cleaner purifies indoor air by removing smoke, dust, PM 2.5, microbs and other air pollutants with 99.9% accuracy. You can buy most effective air purifiers from us for your home in India from MATE website, we are a trusted brand since 2005.


  • Washes the polluted air in any closed ambiance. If you are staying in cities like Ahmedabad, other cities of Gujarat, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurgaon, etc, which are, reportedly, having high air pollution, our MATE Air Purifier is the ideal product for you.
  • High-efficiency and low-maintenance technology.
  • Purifies air throughout smog, storm, construction sites, festivals, winter etc.
  • The products are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of Installation.
  • beyonddCompare MATE Air Purifiers clean the air in your home by trapping 99.97% of particles that pass through the filter.
  • Read our Air Purifier “Buying Guide” to learn – “How to buy your MATE Air Purifiers”.

Air Purifier System Application Areas

BeyonddCompare is the leading manufacturer and marketing company of ESP based HEPA Air Purifier systems of varied indoor requirements like :

  1. Office Cabins
  2. Medical hospital and doctors clinics
  3. Home
  4. Patients of asthma and allergies
  5. People suffering from breathing problems.
  6. Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies offices
Breathe fresh air with Beyonddcompare MATE Air Purifier systems  and contact us for more information about the products and suitability.

breath easy with air purifying systemsTo avoid your lungs choke; and make you unhealthy,  get BeyonddCompare MATE ESP based HEPA air purifier, the most effective Air Purifier in India to breathe fresh air as pure as nature has given us.

With clever use of technology and also being Eco-friendly, BeyonddCompare‘s MATE air purifiers are the Air Purifier for Home as they release clean and nontoxic indoor air.

It’s Comfortable, Secure and Elegant in design to suit your interiors with immense proficiency.


Air Pollutants Removed by MATE Air Purifier

Air pollutants removal from Air PurifiersBeyonddCompare MATE Air Purifier are Air Purifiers designed to suit Indian conditions and have the technology that helps you get optimally clean air, making life more relaxing and comforting.

The system efficiently removes 99.97% of pollutants like:

  1. Particulate Matter (PM 2.5),
  2. Dust
  3. Pet hair or Pet Dander
  4. VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  5. Cigarette smoke
  6. Cooking and paint fumes
  7. Bacteria and Viruses / Microbes
  8. Other pollutants generally found in homes and offices.

BeyonddCompare MATE Air Purifiers clean the air in your home by trapping 99.97% of particles that pass through a series of electrical and mechanical filters.

BeyonddCompare is Powerfully involved in Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales of Air Purifying Systems.

ESP based HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Arrester Filter)

Air Purifier Systems improve the quality of the air indoors to get clean air with ESP based HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Arrester Filter)

The 0.3 micron ESP based HEPA filter removes Bacteria  and Virus to prevent infections from them.

The growth of air pollution in India created a necessary situation to provide clean air for urban citizen, as now breathing clean air can no longer be ignored. BeyonddCompare air purifier uses ESP based HEPA Air Purification technology to make your indoor air pollutant free.

ElectroStatic Precipitator ESP Filters:

The unique ElectroStatic Precipitator that filters out 10-100 micron particles such as smoke, CO2; NO2 to ensure you breathe healthy.

activated carbon filters for air purifiersActivated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter effectively filters out volatile organic compounds in the ambient air with an efficiency rate of over 90%, which enables you to use it for an extended period without regeneration.

The advanced filter hinders the growth of bacteria, to help you stay away from infection, bad odour, itchiness and sores.


The ESP based HEPA air purifier also have an ionizer which helps in making the air fresher and healthier. With higher CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and features like silent operation, it can instantly start purifing the air inside the room.

UV Filters

The UV radiation is extremely effective in incinerating micro organisms like bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds. The UV radiation destructs the nucleic acid and burst the DNA of the microbes thereby sterilizing the air.

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