Tough, Smelly, Lingering Odours Can Be Removed By Air Purifier TechnologiesDaily our senses are bombarded by unpleasant odours from a variety of sources at home and other places like hospitals, clinics and laboratories. These are like body odours, pet odours, food odours, smoke odours and musty odours apart from the hospitals odours of formalin and other rotten smells. Our initial reaction to odours is the irritation to our sense of smell. The more important problem is the damage odour contaminants may do to our respiratory system. Breathing air contaminants causes nearly all respiratory diseases.

When there is a flood and fire after that and in case of damp and humid conditions, bad odour can be a problem and needs to be addressed and taken care of properly.

Odour control is completely vital for the health and well being of residents, visitors and guests of public areas such as theatres, cinemas or in food preparation areas and businesses, in hospitals & other health and care establishments.

Cause to be tackled not the effect

The presence of bacterial in environment is the creating the Odour is often a sign, so the bacterial invasion needs to be deal with, otherwise you will purely mask the odour rather than treat the cause of the odour.

Additionally, worn, old carpets and furnishings can provide a damp, rotten atmosphere which can shelter bacteria in the property, which can breed and cause nasty odour in the living or working environment.

Perceptibly to remove the odour need to clean the odour causing substances. But some odours are very difficult to get rid of even with washing, since any porous material like wood, drywall, carpeting, etc. holds the odour molecules inside. some common odours are as below:

Animal Odours,  Asphalt Fumes, Bathroom Smells , Body Odours,  Burned Food Odours , Carpet Odours , Charred Materials,  Cooking Odours Detergents , Diaper Odours, Exhaust Fumes , Faecal Odours , Fish Odours , Tobacco Smoke , Varnish Odours etc.

as our senses are bombarded by offensive odours from a variety of sources, The problem is the damage odour contaminants may do to our respiratory system and the Breathing air contaminants causes several of respiratory diseases.

HEPA and Carbon Air Purifiers are the solution

The Air Purifier systems are completely new air purifiers  with all the design improvements lacking in other similar technology systems. these air purifiers design principles include a simplified unobstructed air flow for quieter more efficient performance and reduced noise. The pre-filter, The HEPA filter with powerful, variable speed integrated fan/motor. these air purifiers offers the cleanest air, using superior quality true HEPA and activated carbon (special carbon blends are available) with optional UV sterilization to deliver truly clean air for home, office and industrial applications.

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