1. CADR- Clean Air Delivery Rate

Clean Air Delivery Rate is the term used to  illustrate the skill of an air purifier to remove harmful pollutant elements in the room .  It is calculated in cubic feet per minute. CADR is the showing how fast your air purifier can remove  dust, smoke, and pollen in the indoor air.

  1. Air Purifiers treatment Area or Area Coverage

Air Purifiers treatment Area is one of the most vital thing you have to care about. It is need to understand that the nearer you are to the Air purifier appliance, the more efficiently the air can be purified up to a distance. Means the Air Purifier can clean inner areas, therefore, you need to think the area coverage of any air purifier before you buy it. But There are some other factors like air flow, floor plan layout and the level of pollution of indoor air are also need to be considered before planning to take Air Purifier.

  1. Noise Level

This attribute is not actually very important for everyone because some people not affected by small noise level of air purifier. Some may consider it as enjoyable and  which can make it easier for them to sleep. However, lots of other suffer from that kind of noises so they tend to buy a quiet air purifier for them.

  1. Air Purifier for Asthma and Allergy care

The air purifier is asthma and allergy friendly means removing the particles causing Asthma and allergy should have following characteristics:

  • The purifier should have the filters installed so that it can reduce the level of bio-allergens in a particular space.
  • The appliance should not contribute to the level of ozone in home cause serious health problems.
  1. Airflow Rate

Air Flow rate is the measurement of  how much air passes through the purifier after a certain period of time. Air flow rate of an air purifier is measured in the unit of  cubic feet minute or CFM. The two most important factors are two main things about the air flow rate: the efficiency of the inside filters installed and the power of the fan built into the device.

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