Need to measure the pollution we breathe every day

It is the question arises in my mind that if we want to protect ourselves from out door or indoor pollution what we have to do? To protect ourselves form outdoor pollution we have to use Masks and from indoor pollution we have to use Air Purifiers with several Filters systems. Only few people of population are using both In India, but which one is benefiting your health more? Do you really need both? To Answer this question, we need to know about the pollution levels Indoor and outdoor.

Masks seems more effective when we are outside as per PM 2.5 levels, Dust , Smoke and other pollutants of vehicles and factories. (almost double in the places we tested). But we spend more time indoors and we need an Air Purifiers for that.

To get the answer to these questions, we need to know that how polluted our air indoor and outdoor we are breathing every day.

Where we are spending time in a day?

If we analyse how we are spending a day at which are the places then it is divided into four main places: Outside 8.23% Home 42.81% office 38.23%, Rest places ( means Theatres, gyms, restaurants) 10.73%

Now that looks a lot like my day. I spend most of my time in the office or at home sleeping.

It is known that most of us can control the air we breathe in our home and offices but can’t control the air we breathe when we’re out in restaurants, bars or the gym, (that is, if you’re lucky enough to have an office and home fitted with and Air Purifier Device).

In total, we spend 80% of our time in home and Offices which means we can control 80% of the air we breathe, that’s not bad.

Level of Pollution We Breathe In

A new question arises that if we don’t have masks and air Purifiers how much pollution we breathe in? First, we need an average value for the PM2.5 concentration where we are. When we’re outside we get the full blow of this pollution, but when we’re inside we only get about half the dose.

Where Are We Breathing PM 2.5 Particles?

We can have divided this number up into the four different places where we spend most of our day to see where we’re breathing the most pollution.

Here are the factors we take into consideration when calculating this:

  • Length of time we spend in each place
  • Amount of air we breathe per minute in each place
  • PM2.5 concentration in each place


Back to our question of what helps protecting us from Indoor and Outdoor Pollution? masks or air purifiers?  Well, it is very clear that we spend most of our time inside 90% of our day in our home and office, we’d be reducing our daily intake of PM2.5 by 60% by installing purifiers in these two places assuming that these Air purifiers are designed and working well as per pollution conditions of the area where we are breathing.

For outdoors, by simply buying a Mask we’re able to lower our daily intake of pollutions by almost a third. For the places where we’re breathing harder (outside) or the places we’re breathing for longer periods of time (the office and at home) we need to make sure that we are protecting ourselves with the help of these small portable devices.

We advise you to Breathe safe and live healthy and longer life!

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