Could air contaminants shape our health?

1. Good air quality in house is essential for people who spend much of the day indoors.

  1. We spend an average of 90 % of our time indoors either in offices, workplace or home thus more than 20 hours in enclosed spaces.
  2. We breathe in almost 400 million litres of air in a life span to bring in sufficient oxygen to stay alive.

Indoor air quality does affect our health and therefore, badly managed air quality can have economic and legal implications.

  1. Pollutants can cause or contribute to short and long-term health problems, including asthma, respiratory tract infections and allergic reactions etc.
    2. Indoor air pollutants can cause discomfort, increase absenteeism and reduce productivity.
    3. Poor indoor air quality strains relationships among employees, family members, teachers and students.
    4. Indoor air quality problems can result in litigation.

Measuring the concentration of the pollutants is an important aspect in maintaining the indoor and outdoor air quality. The available instruments measure gaseous air pollutants as well as particulate matter and Air Purification systems are made to remove these pollutants to save us from the health hazards of future.